Welcome To Healthwise Global

We get it! At Healthwise Global (HG) we understand that finding a balance and engaging in a healthy lifestyle can be challenging. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another person. We are experienced and passionate about delivering a corporate wellness program that is both flexible and fun and that will generate maximum engagement for employees, helping to create a healthy culture of focused, driven people within your business. It is no secret that focused, driven employees are great for business. It is the goal of the HG team to work with you to create a business full of these people! Each employee will be offered a solution to engage and inspire them to make long lasting behavioural changes.

We are ready to help you create a workplace where employees love to be. A place where your people turn up to work every day full of energy and drive!

Where did HG come from?

Healthwise Global was established over 16 years ago as the inaugural provider of health and well-being services to Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG). FCTG have won or been in the top three ‘Best employers to work for’ in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Africa for the past 10 years with Healthwise playing a large part in their personal and professional success. Healthwise Global now operates in eleven countries and looks after a huge range of companies and businesses. In 2014 Healthwise Global also won the AHRI award for best Health and Wellbeing organisation in Australia for providing outstanding strategies and initiatives in promoting the health and well-being of employees in the workplace.