Online Solutions

At Healthwise Global we like to make sure that clients have access to resources 24/7. To achieve this Healthwise will develop a website portal matched to your businesses health and well-being needs. Each employee will be provided with their own login allowing them to access our range of discounted products, health challenges, events, fitness classes and more.

From this account they will have the ability to:

  • Purchase and book discounted services such as personal training, massage or group training.
  • View upcoming bookings which can be amended or cancelled at the click of a button;
  • Purchase discounted products that will be delivered to them without delay;
  • Sign up for events and challenge
  • View a history of their health consultation results
  • View a history of their purchases;
  • Access information sheets to help stay informed of the latest health advice
  • Access to exercises that will help them add a little something different to their program.