Health Consultations

Have you ever wondered how old you really are? Healthwise Global are able to determine your biological age by assessing a wide range of physical, nutritional, lifestyle and emotional factors.A comprehensive face to face consultation with a fully qualified health professional can be provided for each employee.From this consultation each person will receive a personalised analysis of their current health and wellness and walk away with strategies aimed at increasing their short and long term health goals,in turn, becoming more energised and focused people.

The consultation covers:


Resting heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol.


A discussion on current habits including alcohol, caffeine and tips for healthy eating.


A well-being checklist plus coping tips.

Goal Setting

Each employee will discuss and be assisted in setting their short and long term health objectives.

Workplace Environment

An ergonomic check of their workstation.

We can then report on company results broken down into any requested divisions and rate your organisations top three and worst three health indicators. Healthwise will then work directly with your company's management team to develop strategies to get the best results possible.